Next Step HR Partners operates from offices in New York, NY and Norwalk, Connecticut.  We provide HR consulting services, strategic HR consulting New York, interim HR leadership staff, temporary HR executive leadership, and a retained, subscription based model with a monthly retainer lower than you might expect.  Our expertise includes executive coaching, talent attraction and talent attraction strategy, change management, acquisition and integration planning, meeting facilitation, onboarding of executives, restructuring and reduction in force, organizational design, small business HR consulting and advisory services, and more.  Next Step HR Partners understands small businesses.  We work with CEO and/or HR Director to diagnose issues and find opportunities and develop strategic HR plans for business growth.  Our geography includes Parsippany, NJ, New York City, White Plains, NY, Stamford and Norwalk, CT, New Haven, Danbury, and Hartford.  Our human capital management and human resources capability has been formed in best practices companies and we have a strong business understanding across a range of industries.  Human Resources HR consulting and consultants serve Stamford, CT; Norwalk, CT; Hartford, CT; New Haven, CT; Danbury, CT; White Plains, NY; New York, NY; Parsippany, NJ and Morristown, NJ as well as any area between these cities.  

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Interim HR

We offer interim HR staff with a specialty on leadership talent:

​Have an unexpected gap due to a departure and current staff is swamped?  Or are you feeling the pinch of expanded expectations and can't afford to wait to bring someone onboard?  

We can help in both of the above situations by providing expert HR interim staff.  We recognize that the biggest issue facing most HR teams is budget, which is why we offer reasonable billing rates.

Types of roles we can staff on an interim basis:

  • Head of HR (our specialty)
  • Talent Attraction & Recruiting
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Learning/Training
  • Talent Management
  • Employee Relations

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