Next Step HR Partners operates from offices in New York, NY and Norwalk, Connecticut.  We provide HR consulting services, strategic HR consulting New York, interim HR leadership staff, temporary HR executive leadership, and a retained, subscription based model with a monthly retainer lower than you might expect.  Our expertise includes executive coaching, talent attraction and talent attraction strategy, change management, acquisition and integration planning, meeting facilitation, onboarding of executives, restructuring and reduction in force, organizational design, small business HR consulting and advisory services, and more.  Next Step HR Partners understands small businesses.  We work with CEO and/or HR Director to diagnose issues and find opportunities and develop strategic HR plans for business growth.  Our geography includes Parsippany, NJ, New York City, White Plains, NY, Stamford and Norwalk, CT, New Haven, Danbury, and Hartford.  Our human capital management and human resources capability has been formed in best practices companies and we have a strong business understanding across a range of industries.  Human Resources HR consulting and consultants serve Stamford, CT; Norwalk, CT; Hartford, CT; New Haven, CT; Danbury, CT; White Plains, NY; New York, NY; Parsippany, NJ and Morristown, NJ as well as any area between these cities.  

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Retained HR

We have created a unique subscription based model that gives smaller company CEO's access to a strategic HR partner at a lower cost than you might expect. How we achieve this is through a cost-sharing model that allows us to provide up to 10 hours a month of dedicated support on issues that matter to you and your business at a fixed monthly rate that on an annualized basis is similar to what you would pay for a six-month executive coaching arrangement.  Think of it as similar to popular ride sharing or designer/runway sharing services...but for HR.

The Small Business Pinch:

In companies of 100-300 employees (or so - sometimes larger), 90% of HR issues are tactical, day-to-day matters...and only about 10% are strategic. Yet the strategic issues are what will move the business forward.  Typically, the HR Manager/Director is tactical, and the CEO has nobody to turn to for strategic human capital leadership. Hiring a strategic HR executive is difficult because candidates generally discern that the strategic needs are limited. The CEO may turn to the CFO for advice, but this is not optimal because CFO's don't have expertise in HR.  Or, a CEO can turn to professional consulting firms to work through specific issues but that's usually costly and once the project is done, the consultant has limited ownership.  As a result, a CEO is often "stuck", knowing he/she needs higher level help to grow or evolve but no clear solution.  The business eventually gets big enough to hire a strategic HR leader, but the pain and issues of not having strategic HR support earlier in the growth cycle means the business is behind the curve.

Our value proposition:

  • Dedicated, strategic HR support for up to 10 hours a month on a flat rate and lower cost basis than other alternatives;
  • Long-term relationship with a sense of "ownership".  Since we partner on a subscription basis for the long term, we stay with your business through and after implementation of projects which provides many advantages over "one-shot" project-based consulting.  We also get to know you and your business over time, allowing us to provide deeper insights and recommendations as time goes on, thereby increasing our value.
  • Tailored HR support that addresses issues you have today, this month, or long-term.  Whether it's developing a better performance management process, facilitating a strategy meeting with you and your leadership team, improving hiring/recruiting practices or executive coaching for one of your leader...our services reflect your needs.  We can also diagnose needs and make recommendations for a strategic HR plan that aligns with your business strategy.
  • Extra resource to work with your existing HR staff and mentor them
  • A trusted, confidential, outside sounding board for the CEO.  

 Are you as intrigued as we are excited about this concept?  Let's talk...we'd love to discuss how we can help.

104 West 40th Street, New York              +1.203.594.6025

101 Merritt 7, Norwalk, CT                                                                 @hrnextstep

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